Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Scratch & charities

A busy year has it been for "scratch"  from the commuting to Nyc advertising my epidemic ,being asked to showcase and invited to numerous fashion shows, events......
All of the shows were amazing . ...all in a days work for a fashion guru....
From the Jewell yacht to jerseys finest the prudiental center.  This is merely scratchs inauguration ....
Thought the duration of my voyage to define fashion I showcased my spring 2012 collection with two well-known charities......
My inital showcasing was for the Alpha Omega childrens foundation founder Rachel Souto , Miss Libera.the fashion show was to raise awareness of the deprived liberans in Africa. Her essence was remarkable, a full fledged red carpet event.  The event was vast in its success , raising over five ~ thousand dollars .Rachel whom has networked with Steve.harvey, Usher & neyo created this fashion event the epitome of fabulous.
My initial encounter with The Yerika Foundation ,  I was poolside at aMansion in Seyerville , NJ dancing to keshas famed "dont stop" as introduced to my newly defined sisters Lee Douber & Sayurys Batista,  The two founders of the organization.... Made the event interestingly wicked, with the 30 ft runway over 8ft of water..... 
This organization was fundamentally manufactored to elevate awarness on brain aneurysms. Yerika Nunez was merely 25 years old & pregnant when she passed away
my son, isimen, HAD RECENTLY TURNED SEVEN MONTHS OLD...when the yerika foundation requested , scratch, to showcase. The saga moved me, not only because I was a new mother myself but because yerika had left her imprint in the
entire foundation. The love affiliated with the Yerika foundation was moving & I'm anticipating my indivual charity fashion show w thrs organization.....thats pending
Below i've posted some dapper images of both charity events & showcasing......

Monday, February 27, 2012

The 2012 Oscars " Pilars voice"

So, i ran around nearly a week gathering fabric, fittings, and doing tailoring all with little to no compensation for Armani. Assisting my close friend Frachesca... Since she commenced her job there.
after the blood sweat & tears, in my verdict The Oscars was pretty amazing. Everyone chins slamed to the floor at Gwenth P. Wearing Tom! she was nice. But in my opinion J.lo & Angelina were the bells of the ball .......wowed in Zuhair Murad

They both were equally stunning. flawless, .


Hi, Folks its Pilar. 

I have decided to manufacture a blog to keep my fans up to date with Scratches current events.  Oppose to refreshing my twitter feeds, Facebook post or going to my website which I vaguely modernize. EH! * Kanye shrugs*

I should launch my blog with a ceremonial introduction. I’m Pilar Scratch. (Pe-lar);  term of prosperity. I’m a fashion Designer of an immensely efficacious clothing line entitled “Scratch”; hence that preceding name. I’ve been running my self-made business since 2009. Two years strong. My apparel is a profound symbol of yours truly, me. Urban chic meets couture swag. My designs outline me. Frequently, you can catch me wearing my clothing, like the Picasso portrait they are.

 I joke I joke... =P...Not really. …….Scratch is the amazingly dapper!!!!

 In recent times, I’ve became a celebrity image consultant. Fundamentally, I hand-pick attire for big egos and make them look fabulous. Celebrities seen wearing Scratch, Jennifer Hudson & Kim Kardashian….

Commencing my stylist endowments with my Famed Aunt , Rah Digga, I commenced  working for other celebrities such as Busta Rhythms, Lil Wayne, Olivia , Jules Santana, Sheena (ANTM), Jaheim, Tory Burch, Cobie Smolders, Tyler James Williams, Dj Khalid, Neesy Nash, &  Young Money Entertainment, …did I mention , I just signed a contract with YMCME as well.

I’ve done several charity events, hats tipped to the Yerika foundation and The Alpha Omega Children’s foundation.  Both organizations are comparable family to me.

I just finished showcasing in New York Fashion week 2012, For Milk Studios, & New York University, which was an incredible achievement.

I’ve designated attire for the 2011 Grammies and 2011 B.E.T Awards.
Which, I was present at the awards. I was approximately 10 feet away from Prince…. & I blew it…talk about an enthusiast…

The entire 2011, I traveled to LA, Nevada, Boston, Chicago, Texas, Miami, Orlando, Georgia and Washington… all promotional escapades. Which, I appreciate entirely and I’m everlastingly grateful for the experience.

…I know…. I’m a continuing basket of delight…..

I’m a entrepreneur, I auction my clothes to boutiques, & virtual boutiques throughout the east coast. My philosophy; Scratch is an epidemic. But that’s just me.
I’ve accomplished a lot and my plan is to continue, but, my leading triumph is my son Isimen-River. Every day, he my motivation to keep progressing in my profession, Because of him, the whole kit and caboodle I have accomplished is imaginable. Big Hugs lots of kisses.

Now that we are acquainted…. I’ll leave you guys to my column, follow the blog, for updates on casting calls, occupational inquiries and fashion associated proceedings.
Much love Scratchanistas……. 
Xoxo Pilar.