Monday, November 12, 2012

Glam Fairy 2 |premiere party|

All glitz and glam when it comes to these fairies, on October 7th i attended the glam fairy season 2 premiere celebration at teak on the Hudson in Hoboken new, jersey . The occasion was larger-than-life along with my two dolls , Ifeko and AC . The affair was full of rave hilarity and fashionistas such as Ramona Rizzio, Tracey Dimarco and a few of the Glam Dolls such as Biella , Jon , and Jessica… All the dolls looked fierce especially Jon in his Rock star attire… Glam!!!!...
Nonetheless I had an astonishing time , despite the  fact that I arrived a little late,…. Fashionable late . Extra-terrestrial cuddles to my dolls the mari twins who attended the event as well xoxox -P

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Pilar Scratch son River Mason , photoshoot

                   Rivers  photoshoot
     Nashon photography
     Business contact:
     Nashon Farrell      

Rivers commencement photoshoot was immensly incredible. Not only was the photgrapher nashon amazing but river mason loved the camera...such a natural.
Lights, camera action for my little man and he fancied the entire production . Everyone is aware of river  a chosen model for baby gap. Which is still in the midst, but pending....
The spread might end up in one of there catelogs its up for debate nothing is promised just yet. But the consideration is still unbelieveably admirable.
River mason was styled by his mother , celebrity wardrobe stylist pilar scratch . The shoot is entitled rivers meadow ,river mason , age one, is wearing baby gap jeans and graphic t shirt gap vintage  80  cap checkered button down by crew cuts and mahogony ugg boots.
Seek images below:

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Brooklyn Fashion Weekend |Pilar Scratch Celebrity apperance|

The extraordinary Brooklyn fashion weekend ,

            I was invited and immeasurably appreciatively to have the opportunity to come. Bk fashion weekennd treated me with massive admiration and I love all of you dolls.

  Commencing my blog post I will affirm that I will be hosting Brooklyn fashion weekend in Feb 2013 , be assured you dolls come out and support the fashion movement.

     I attended the event with my doll aliyah cherisse. Front row, backstage access looking startling. Shawn Ross Americas most fab model came out to support , As well cocoa and breezy collab on a anthology


                             Yes, it was ferocious

That night I wore a teal scratch designs .
                                 fab I know …

The fashion was flawless and I will be posting some of the imagery of my preferred pieces underneath. Be certain to look out for additional productions from Brooklyn fashion weekend

Designers From Showcasing During BKFW SS 2013
Laurel Luxe
coca and breezy
John Guarnes
Joyce Pilarsky
Torregrossa Fashions
Melissa Squire
Terrell Taylor Swimwear
BK Taste Makers–Accessories Edition Consisted Of:
Eyewear by Coco & Breezy
K2o Accessories By Karen Ko
Customwear & Ties By Frank NY
Zack Lo Footwear By Zack Lo
Twistology Sashes By 4S In Collaboration w/Twistology Handbags


On the Judging Panel w TIA Hennessy Sponsored event


T.i.a presents
radio kill*event 
sponsored by Hennessey

So, I was a guest judge at the T.i.a Hennessey sponsored event for fabulous artist and all attempted to with a opportunity to toil with me and numerous radio stations;  dons and diva magazine, no reservations, bks1, time to grind…. Just to surname the minority … which are incalculably vast in their reputation and ratings.

Well, I invited my two much loved people my twin sister Ceo of signed models agency academy and Ifueko my exquisite P.A.. The dolls acquired all entrĂ©e passes and looked purely elegant. Madison was boldly a cheetah vanquisher. However, we came with the fashion … and met with our lovely doll phoniex window of bks1 radio and Ceo of an forthcoming magazine.

The night was measureless and the musicians were all astonishing but, there was only one victor.

In which was announced by me and my doll ms. Gooding. … Miss Nina Foxx. With a overpowering fan base Nina is a extraordinary mc that will be doing an impending photo shoot with celebrity stylist pilar scratch …that’s me and I will be giving her a styling assembly … =D

The night was beyond the realms of glamour’s and fabulous,

thank you apex for having me as a guest judge it was a cosmic honor !!!!!

On the set of Jerseylisious with Pilar Scratch

Being on set of jerseylisious is always a larger-than-life voyage of fashion, drama and conflict. Being enchanted to do an additional cameo by dolls Nicole and Christine I willingly accepted the dignified invitation.

I invited my twin sister  to join me and the side-splitting var360. We traveled to Fire and ice in Fords, New Jersey .....

   . I don’t know; the town was so diminutive that the iphone gps couldn’t unearth it.  Nonetheless, we had arrived. All I can say as regards to  the episode is that Brielle was exhausting some vicious neon heels and Olivia looked remarkable, and someone of the two, has an innovative love interest ….

                                           …wink wink…

I’ll keep you dolls rationalized with additional expedition of my Jerseylisious endeavors