Saturday, March 2, 2013

X Factor Astros Mixtape "Dead Beat & Lazy Lyrics"

Once Astro sent me over the invite too his Mix tape release i knew it was going to be epic.
the song was dedicated to his biological  father who happened to be

..... drum roll "a deadbeat" ..... 
cliche' yet symbolic 

the best Revenge is success Astro , his new mix tape is overall. Enjoyable. 
Hes been getting amazing reviews regarding the classic .
Personally , I've been a fan of Astros since my two yer old son River  started saying "My Mom"  because of Astros hit "Stop looking at my mom" 

 anything Astros produces i will support

Shout outs to 

River ...

We arrived a litte Tardy for the party... due to event planning with another organization.
The Gorgeous Gem bosses and i interviewed Astro and the little cuties of 

Mindless Behavior....

Princeton , just continued to dance 

Pilar" Princeton come here..."
Princeton ...coming ...starts pop-locking...

literally... there adorable, although Ifueko and Madison made Roc and Ray Ray of Mindless Behavior choose sides in a battle of the basketball teams , we had a enjoyable time .
keep Strong little Brain Bradley, you have amazing music ...looking forward to your upcoming projects

Jerseylisious Seasonal Premiere & Pilar Scratch

Recently , I attended the Tracey Dimarcos "Jerseylisious Premiere Party" . From Cheetah print in big hair to the smokey eyes and nude lips the event was the epitome of fab. 

Yet, a cluster due to the venue being so minute.

Gem Bosses were VIP 

as always 

........while Madison Jaye and Ms Georgia Peach  did their separate social activities. 

We ran into our dream and dear friends Miguel of Jersey luscious, our love Jessica Ramona , Zieme of E!, channel ,Karen of Mob Wives Jon Kultu Christina Salgato of Bad girls Club and Deena and Angelina  of vh1 Jersey Shore. 

by the way Miguel defiantly had on  the most outstanding stunning chain ...ever!
 it was a cheetah medallion ...#bangbangbossgang...

love him Jessica's outfit  was also  so delightful .

The premiere was great, as i can see Gigi and Tracey were in for a vast of conflict this season.
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Pilar Scratch Executive Producer of Radio Show "Gem Bosses"

As of  January 2013 

I, Pilar Scratch, am 

the Executive 

Producer of the Gem

 Bosses radio show on

every Sunday night 8-10pm

I know a woman of many trades.... that's whats makes me a Gem Boss, equilibrium. Developing a balance of everything I do and not having dependency on anyone else but myself makes me a boss, a Gem Boss. 
The cast of the fabulous Gem Bosses include , Madison Jaye, Ms. Georgia peach and Lady Ice 

We conduct the latest celebrity interviews , every week either a celebrity calls in or stops by the Gem Bosses home base 

Vh1 Mob Wife Season Premiere & Pilar Scratch

Arriving late to the mob wivies season three premiere Masion jaye and I came fashionable stunning as always....

we were coming from my son Rivers second birthday party....Yet we made it! 

. I wore a scratch original design both, despite the fact fact i manufactored the garmet in 2012
 ( i know ,  i know, wheres my new collection????)
its coming soon!! Dont have a cow 


 it was superlative. 

Madison Jaye (madiosnjaye_) ran into our gorgeous doll socialite/celebrity  makeup artist  Lyssa Honey ( who attended the event as well with Ramona Rizzio, Love   and Karen of Mob Wivies ... 

We also ran into a good friend of ours Mama jones of VH1 Chrissy & 

Mr Jones and Love and Hip Hop who is our GEM Boss & attended the event with her "man" as she says ..who was so gorgeous and was dressed similar to a Tom Fords model ...Get it Mama Jones.

The event was vastly Social. 

Moreso, then watching the actual season premiere ... i enjoyed myself with the gorgeous Madiosn .