Sunday, July 1, 2012

To My Aunt Rah Digga

                Thank you.









The paramount way to commence this post .

Dear Auntie,

I want to address the inspiration you have constructed in me . As a woman , a single mother,

you have created a path of success for me to shadow. The woman I am today, is because of you. You’ve built such an admirable foundation …pursuing your dreams and with that you motivated me beyond words…..

Every event I have had you have supported. Even when my launch was a small inconsequential environment or my first radio station interview… you called in…. And I love you for that. You are not only a hip hop icon but my conqueror. I don’t get to speak to you as much as I would like to but  I’ve never told you how much I love or appreciate you. Or how thankful I am just to know and be your niece . I owe it to you to continue down the road of pursing my dreams … and to prevail.. with that being said ….

Thankyou auntie Rashia