Monday, December 10, 2012

Jerseylisious Book Launch and Pilar Scratch

Anthony Robert Salon held a Book Launch Party to celebrate the publication of The Glamour State: 225 Years of Stylish Innovation by Jerseylious stars Anthony Lombardi, Olivia Blois Sharpe and Karl Giant at SHO on November 21st,. my doll Madison jaye attended with me and seeing all my old friends from the set was such an incredible sensation.

Check out Heather Zwain's exclusive interview with Olivia here!

The book features fashion photos enthused by New Jersey's 225-year history. The book is co-authored by Antonio Lombardi (owner of Anthony Robert Salon), beauty stylist Olivia Blois Sharpe, and fashion photographer Karl Giant.

The hardback is set to be released this winter and will be obtainable through Style Network's website as well as Anthony Robert Salon's website.

Madison and I made it on awesome =]

Iconic Media Launch and Pilar Scratch

I attended the fabulous iconic media launch party as the guest of honor with a number of stars of abc the bachelor. The event was in Hoboken nj and was at a indigenous hub entitled ‘the Shannon’. I wore a black and white  Zara costume, not my individual favorite ,nonetheless, I was running late dropping off my son River and had to do a rapid ‘grave and go’ fashion version.
The night was 3 djs, and 4 live bands, which essentially had me up and dancing…
Deprived of  rhythm and all…
When there is characteristic music like Michael Jackson ‘one more chance’ who wouldn’t get up and boogie??

…thought so…
Nevertheless I had an incredibly dapper time…. Intergalactic x’s and o’s to iconic media make sure you dolls check them out for all your media requirements…

Toshis Penthouse | Shane Golden albulm release|


I had the honor to attend American idol contestant shane goldens album release party at toshis pent house  . and it was chastely  astonishing . I attended with my gorgeous dolls ifueko, Madison jaye and p.w we dominated new York city . the red carpet event was hosted by dining g, my treasured associates and I admire them very much. Maurice from vh1 love and hip hop attended the event which was fab.  Generally the event was a massive success,  thank you shane and dinning g for having me.

Iamlunic Talk Show Launch

On October 25th 2012 I had the privilege to attend one of the most heroic,  a list events of the year , the launch of a innovate talk show hosted by the fab lunic herself
iAMLUNIC.COM was paired with up with the Susan G. Komen Foundation The IAMLUNIC.COM Fundraiser Launch Party facilitated to bring attentiveness to Breast Cancer Awareness while also rejoicing the inauguration of her innovative Talk Show . To revel IAMLUNIC.COM’s debut they set out and structured a extravagant event to assist in raising  Awareness about the Susan G Koman Foundation.
The pink carpet extravaganza was amazing , sponsored by just us three productions, distinct 89, “Papillon 25″ and “Fabulous Appetizers” to set the temperament the Launch Party and Fundraiser pampered  their guest with escorts, animate music, beverages,  converting into an larger-than-life event . with the assistance of the fabulous Madison jaye nothing could go wrong… also my fabulous aunt came out and showed the beautiful rah digga herself...

make sure you dolls tune into the talk show ever Wednesday @ 8 pm