Monday, June 18, 2012

Latin Lover Energy Drink launch party & Commercial

If you know fashionista and momaholic Pilarscratch then you’re well
informed on my love for energy drinks. ...

 I’m absolutely infatuated with the succulent enchantment. From
monsters, red bull, star bucks, 5 hour energy....

 I’m similar to a kid in the candy store :-)....

with that being said just imagine of how privileged I was when Ricardo (Creative Director of Dreams Animation)

Dreams Animation is the company produced the entire campaign for Latin Lover . Ricardo Diaz de la vega is the CEO and Creative Director of the entire campaign and James Ollunga of Latin lover asks for me to cover the Latin lover energy
drink launch party  & commercial in times square

..Flabbergasted.... me?

 "Damn straight I accepted!"

 Commencing our day we met in manhattans Bryant Park off west 41st street...were we met Manny (from Hollywood productions)
 the Latin lover team was equipped & entirely bathed in vitality ...
 I must acknowledge their slogan “all love no bull" is genius....
Merely crafting cancellations to any inevitable competition before hand...

Love it!

The @drinklatinlover teams were kickass #scratch style...

. We waited for the beverages to reach our destination then went to
conquer the commercial....

 the producer mister James, again,
(blushing) did an epic job In directing this cosmic NYC crowd he
merely was a boss stopping individuals.... my type of man!!!

 New Yorkers ... of all people….
And telling them to shoot the commercial...

Following the fabulous commercial shoot we stopped at Dine the dragon
to get a quick brunch …

I’ve never wrote a bad review but the place is
an epic fail… overpriced dinner food that tases unhealthy as it is and
looks unappetizing …. Don’t waiste your time or money…….

We ventured to the launch party which was at Redemption on 2nd avenue
and 53rd street

Across from the Grace Hotel….Angels synchronize…

The launch party was the essence of extraordinary …
1) Great provisions
2) Great setting
3) hot bartenders
4) epic fahion
5) NYC socialites
6) walking the red carpet
and better yet
7 ) an amazing energy drink

At the launch party the  commercial was released.....

  talk about proffesionalisum... it played the enitre launch party. which was an experience within itself.

the unsurpassed part about the Latin lover energy drink is that its
only 150 calories for 2 servings…

yes! You heard right…

You can still aid your wardrobe run after your 17 month old, get your
liveliness and not agonize about consuming a bulky consumption of
That’s my variety of energy drink….
It truly is “all love and No bull”

Check them out via twitter: @drinklatinlover…
Any inquiries on how to get Latin lover on your shelves email me:

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Pilar Scratch and The National Reality TV Awards Nomination

New York
Monthly Launch Party

230 Fifth 230 Fifth Avenue New York, NY 10001. Phone: 212.725.4300.

 Jordan Kensington  the CEO/Producer of the event/brand (NY Monthly magazine).

Organized by:Shairah Habib AND Stephany Chung

Photographers: Darwyn Allen
Xenia Rollinson
Rowan Harty
K’Sandra Sampson
Yuhan Liu
Danielle Balbi

Come one come all, it’s PilarScratch hosting the reality television awards…
By New York monthly magazine

The extraordinary stephany chung (who wore a fabulous mahogany Tory Burch clutch) asked for me to host the reality television awards located at the 230 rooftop in Manhattan on 5th avenue such a honor to be recognized by this amazingly fabulous magazine.

Unluckily, mommy liabilities intervened….. River gave me Strep throat …
Yikes….. So I was horse, and speaking converted virtually unmanageable…
What’s a doll to do in a crisis???
Well, I modestly asked my dolls Madision jaye (@madisonjaye_) & Lanna foxx (@lana_foxx) of Jaye Foxx modeling agency to host the event for me.
Remember to vote for your favorite reality television star more details at :
Cosmic shootout to  “The X factor Astro” we will be working together very soon

So I sat back peaceful and let fashion, New York and my dolls be fabulous for me…

The rooftop was the quintessence of marvelous. Such a lavish and extravagant event, I relished the social climbers, the location and indivuals whom I received the honors of working with that night ….

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

"Showcasing at The Empire hotel rooftop"

Heroic nights of fashion and fabulousness,
This transpires when two celebrity stylist: Pilar Scratch and Anthony East wick collaborate.
The event was systematized by the infamous Herbert Foxx a New York City legend. Think of how honored I was when these superb individuals requested little me to showcase for them…
The night was grand, Charlie from the McDonald’s spokes model , hosted the back stage press.
Just imagine, how amazing it felt to showcase on the rooftop of the empire hotel where gossip girl shoots… the epitome of fab.

Anthony Eastwick, a tremendous artist has worked with Rihanna, Diddy, Mary J blidge, and the housewives of Atlanta
He has always been someone I fancied and respected
He’s the essence of an astonishing man.
An entupentur with fortitude, and as well, a father.

Working with Anthony was miraculous, such a substantial honor,
Since he was my childhood portrait of the profession I anticipated

The night was meadowed with press, diddy, vast magazines, sponsors from BET, ABC and macys,

The night was incredible I was offered an opportunity with macys for 2013 fall collection…
Worked with cosmic socialites and was encircled by fashion….

Working at the empire hotel rooftop, put me in an empire state of mind..
Xoxo – PilarScratch