Tuesday, September 25, 2012

NYFW, Pilar Scratch & the Elena V Designs show / Pamela Quinzi

All the rave from this years nyfw s13 collections every fashionistas was talking about the elena v designs fashion show. The show was detained at the ukeian museum. I was invited by my dolls from the fabulous linger magazine.... and i was in for a fashion treat.
Irony , of the showcasing is that i arrived exactly when the show was about to commence. The lovely ifueko attended the nyfw showcasing with me as well. We both wore chic blouses . Ifeko wore a sheer blouse with snake skin pants and patterned black & white heels. I wore a formal blouse attached to a neck tie , my eccentric tribal scratch pants and stilletos by my favorite shoe designer , with a pancho hat... fierce ...i know we looked amazing.
I have to say the show was amazing. From the whimsical foreign music to the variety in fashion from the attendees.
As a guest i was fully attentive and in utter anticipation for the showcasing to commence.
The elna v garments convyed a forgein fill to them. Each piece was similar yet contained  diversity. As a designer myself,  i know this is immensly complex to exhibit in a entire collection.
The color skeem for the falls appears to be mustard, and burnt tangerine. I even saw a pale blue in several collections and all these skeems were exhibited by the elna v designs collection.
The show was fabulous . The garmets were funky ,eccentric  chic and vastly fashion forward.
Subsequent to the showcasing of elena v designs ifeuko and i voyaged to spring street to the palor to watch the pamela quinzi fashion showcasing. Lifestyle magazine sponsored the show and karen hoyes attened pamelas showcasing as well. The event was swamped. Fashionistas from all over travled to watch the showcasing... pamela had her shoes on exhibit around the palor. But unfortently, we had to leave the show early... mommy duties. But ms. Quizini always puts on a fabulous show. Shes so amazing such a viberant woman. Nonetheless, i will post future updates from pamelas future endavors
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Friday, September 21, 2012

Pilar Scratch & NYFW Jose and Antonio fashion show

As i conquered new york fashion week (nyfw ) i attended the jesus and antonio show.. at 320  on w 47th street . With my fabulous dolls infeko (pr agent) and subsequently met my doll  tammy d. Of open closet magazine and i invited my doll  ayasha of urban socialites . .. and we came fashionably fabulous and prepared for the show.....

The foundation of the production was beyond glamourous. And i had a rsvp to a front row seat.. immensly flattered. At the Jesus & antonio fashion show for nyfw the fabulous twins showcased their collection the dollhouse ... with vibrant neons and enthralling patterns ... the fashion was superlative. My favorite piece of the collection was the conclusive dress. It was a fusia ballroom gown , mermaid formation... talk about refreshingly amazing. .. i ought to have that garmet in my wardrobe.

I wore  Peplum it is one of my absolute favorite trends this season. You’ll be seeing it a couple more times in my fashion week postings and I’m happy to report the trend isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Overall, My im immensly infactuates with the  jesus and antonio collection  the minimalist chic dresses, which will serve as ideal backdrops for some serious statement jewelry… perhaps a piece from Samantha Wills, would be a fabulous collaberation. ..;-)

Subsequent to the fashion show we enjoyed the remainder of our night at the xvi rooftop in mahattan. Overlooking the beautiful manhattan skyline ....

Image taken by the urban socialites :
@sosweet_g4l ... infeko

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

NYFW belounge meniour show & Pilar Scratch

The belange fashion the belange fashion show was gorgeous. Sponsored by 1800 coconut tequila hosted by ocean style magazine vendored by the well known artist. Oksana tanasiv whom I had the pleasure in meeting . The event was cosmically enjoyable . The fashion conveyed a porporionate sense of chic edging eccecentricty.
Flattering enough one of my models walked during the show. Its was epic. It was located at the steai
Belange meniour fashion show was fundamentally a mens appearl clothing line. Essentianally they were branching into womans appearl for there 2013 collection. Which converted into a gorgeous exhibit.
. I wore a blue sheer dress with gold strapped  2011 chinese laundry heels a peach handbag and a olof purple hat. Converting my spring look into deep dished fall attire here are some images below of the belange monuier fashion show for nyfw 2013 collection

Pilar Scratch's Fashion Night Out

Fashion night out
This year fashion night out took place in two epic events for me . My inital event was detained at the roger smith hotel on lexington avenue in manhattan , lexigton avenue the event was immense
...i mean .... with a title as fashion night out extravaganza ..
.there is no other classification to fit its description but immense.... 
thrown by dreams in stielltos foundation with a vast of sponsors and vendors...
my doll pamela quizini  of kimie shoes was vending such a pleasure to be acquaninted with . I tackled the night with my dolls ifeuko public relations agent koa kriatina , witht thoose unquestionalbly fierce handbags. Driving threw ...
subsequent to shopping and vast crowds of fashionable new yorkers we trilled our way to the yotel... talk about gorgeous the hotel is gorgeous. Tinted in a purple ebornesant hew it was enthralling.

We met my doll aliyah sherise of wknj trending with aliyah for plus night out at the yotel. Members from jerseyliosious hosted the event . The fierce plus sized models were all the rave. Despite that aliyah didnt win the competiotion to be featured in curvy magazine. The night was still amazing. ...
every chance i can to meet with my fabulous dolls is exceptional.
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@pamelaquinzi of kimie shoes
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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Open closet magazine launch & pilar scratch

Open closet magazine launch was nonetheless exceptional i joined with my beautiful twin sister complementary to  me Madison Jaye. It was hosted by Ramona rizzio of vh1 mob wife. 

Whom is unquestionably enchanting, we conversed at the launch and im entirely smitten with Ramona ...I was formally invited by the editor Tammy d. and Avery co-editor and chief an superbly magnificent woman who encourages me. She’s immensely modest and such a token to be conversant with .... Open closet magazine inauguration was held at the taj in Manhattan... if you know the taj the atmosphere is infinitely revitalizing with a spiral of external eccentricity. Open closet magazine landscapes forthcoming designers, assessor lines , etc.... such a fierce involvement . Guess who was there as well my beautiful other dynamo twins mari twins .... love those dazzling bombshells had such an amazing time with open closet magazine.... the launch party was undoubtedly the classification of larger-than-life.....As well, look out for open closet fashion week this February it’s going to be fierce dolls make sure you follow open closet magazine on twitter at @openclosetmag