Thursday, August 30, 2012

Pilar Scratch Presents Scratching brutality " Black Tie Gala"

Connetial Hall
5 washington avenue
Photograhers Darwyn DA2 &
Sponsors : Latin lover energy drink and The Majestic Loft
Host: Aliyah Cherisse and Madison Jaye

Designers: Celebrity wardrobe stylist Pilar Scratch, Celebrity designer Anthony Eastwick. Ceo leonard swim wear , Zoe Fashions , Eclectic Jewelry by Chantal, Fenell Bowties , and the Koa krisitna collection

Performers: Dreami Thomas, 1GA, Grace and Avarex

Honorees : Quinton Brown Daruis Foster, Vanessa Banks , Roxi Sorina, Kendall spear

"Scratching Brutality" was a dream i origned by the loss of vast indivuials whom i was acquainted with . Each individual in which , was, honored , inspired me, in my growth. i felt the desire to honor all of these individuals who passed away de to reckless conductivity of violence throughout the duration of 2012 . Organizing the event was a a a madhouse of fashion , bewilderment , and eccentricity but conclusively was all worth the blood sweat and tears.

...The event made world wide news reaching news 444 ( see in blog post press for Scratch)

..linger magazine, Above average magazine, Vast fashion Blogs , and caught the attention of mayor corey booker who will be sponsors future endeavors

Everyone who assisted in the production was breath-takingly fabulous ... i'm eternally grateful for all of my designers, performers, vendors, sponsors , host and models .... collerberatly , all you Scratchanistas manufactured the authentic classification of an epic support system.

Scratching Brutality converted into an enchanted realisum for me . Honoring my friends who passed away was the focal point of "Scratching Brutality" be the opinion of myself, ( and a few a-blogs/magazines) *blushing* the event spoke volumes.

Did i forget to mention my son River Mason (isimen-River ) walked for scratching brutality. ...

I'm immensely proud of you River, Seeing my little pumpkin strut down the runway was epic for me. Such an honor to have my sons initial walk be of my own =D

little River Mason is growing up so fast *inserts crying emoji*

Cosmic x's and o's to all the media coverage you dolls are epically amazing , love you all. Thankyou to my two host aliyah cherisse and Madison Jaye ... two woman on the uprising that i admire and love immensly ....

Thankyou to all the reviews , the amazing reviews on the gala. Thankyou to all th parents of te honorees , ms theresa your amazing woman , your amazingly strong and i admire you in so many ways , Thankyou James banks, Carlton , Nicole. Thankyou the foster family . Thankyou to everyone who came and was apart of such a memorable event

love you all - pilar

Pink carpet event The Koa Kollection Charity event

Recently, I attended The “Koa Kristina Collection charity event "where the fabulous Koa gracefully gave back to the Orange Football Team. The charity was entitled “ Koa gives back In style “ in which she did. Koas handbags are the epitome of fashion,

<----- Thats me wearing  The Koa Kollection , fab right ???!!!!

 From her elegant clutches to her eccentric Blah, Koa is scratch approved . Its where I shop to splurge. The charity event was gorgeous . I was marinated in fashion and charitable deeds, utter an epic time and this was it.

Koa gives back in style was a pink carpet event , Which converted beyond the realms of a fabulous event …

I just filled you scratchiness’s in on my personal haven for unearthing eccentric , innovative scratch worth bags … all of koas bags can be found at                       

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Press for Pilar

Hi all you fierce Scratchiness’s ,

I know I know …Pilar your delayed with the posting ….again…..Or where have you been…. I’ll tell you…

Taking over the world …one stiletto at a time

I promised you dolls to update you on Scratches festivities periodically

And I know ive converted entirely dreadful with my updates but im here im back and I have seven events ive done and or attended to blog to you fabulous Scratchanistas about….So before you dolls have my head I’ve been immensely oppupied ,

Heres a preview of my fierceness..In addition my google search is progressing mammoth as well Making me the seventh most googled Jersey girl for the month of july & August =D


’                         im an entire month behind ….

            Seemingly , Pilar Scratch is an enthralling
Iindividual Thanks to you devotd dolls , I now have a wikipedia page, The support you dolls have conveyed throughout the duration of my growth is much appreciated and I love you all.

Heres a few press related articles ive unearthed about little old me ….

Everyone is awar of how much I admire my doll aliyah sherise . We met on set of Glam Fairy and have clqued ever since . My girl is fierce, mother, cameos on styled by june , host of fashion depo , radio personality and model., So I called in to support my dolls radio show on

                                                                      The tuned up morning show

Here’s additional links on celebrity wardrobe stylist pilar scratch

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

O.W.W.H.H bks1radio station & Pilar Scratch

I had the honor of anchoring alongside The amazing scratchiness’s of owwhh for bks1 radio station,
Nunu, janaee “the window” ms. Lee and Blaire forever

The dolls of bks1 discussed the fierce topic of homosexuality, their fashion , verbiage and all around fabulosity.

Lead by the epically dapper rapper Nasty Nick and sweetie pie Daryl.
Talk about two queens being fab!!!

I immediately bonded with the MC, nasty Nick

He was so amazing; such a bucket of delight. Nick has a fierce mix tape that’s being released
, alongside being a innovative Mc Nick has worked with hip hop Mogul Foxy brown…. I now he’s Scratchalisious….
The entire time nick spoke in my head I was repeatedly saying


He’s fierce . Te discussion was a bit heavy , anytime diverse intervals with swaying personalities conjoin on the matter controversy erects . Nonetheless, I enjoyed my time co-hosting with the delightfully fabulous Scratchanistas of Owwhh on Bks1
Cosmic love and x & o’s to storm norm love you much doll.
Make sure you dolls tune in every Friday 11 pm -1 am

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

my showcasing at sky room rooftop honored by the “new York fashion association

My apologies on the postponement in the blog postings, yet again, you extraordinary scratchanistas,
But, my life is frantically busy being a mother, image consultant , and blooming socialite.

Who am I kidding???????..... My life has been frenzied meadowed in press ,events, fashion and river. Sandwiched between everything discovering equilibrium in chaos is immensely challenging.
But, I’m managing somehow…. That’s pilar scratch for you.
Commencing my blog postings is my epic showcasing at Manhattans sky room rooftop….
Where I, pilarscratch was honored by the “new York fashion association”

The sky room rooftop was the embodiment of fabulous.
Merging pilar & the New York fashion association is a fashionable inebriating indication.
Honestly, I was truly grateful and cajoled to be renowned by NYFA …as a designer , that’s a cosmic honor .
Truthfully, as a designer and artist to be the honoree I was flabbergasted and thrilled beyond the relics of flattery. Paul schema was amazing working with someone whom is, down to earth and well-connected is rare. But it classifies Paul vastly. He conyed the upmost admiration and did his finest to be certain that the evening went efficiently.
Which it did. My showcasing at the skyroom rooftop  was remarkable.
Hearing vast press bellow “pilar over here “Or everyone wanting to be conversant and take imageries with you is an awe-inspiring sensation.
I love all of my scratchanistas, so everyone who did come out and recognized my big night it was an honor to have you.

Thank you Paul schema & the New York fashion association for honoring me
As well thank you to the manhattans sky room rooftop. it was an mammoth pleasure

Check out the video of the event by :  Greg Mac

Pilar Scratch showcasing at the sky room rooftop

Above average Magazine & Pilar Scratch

Here I am with the delightful dolls of above average magazine giving a fashion tip of the week.
I used @madisonjaye of jaye foxx modeling agency as my prop model
I work uniquely with Madison as her stylist sporadically. =D
LaToya editor of above average magazine @latographer & I sat down had an incredible interview
im wearing Scratch designs and fenell J head wear .
As well I gave above average magazine a fashion tip of the day.

Check my full fashion tip of the day with Above Average Magazine out here loves :

Check it out here loves

Pilar Scratch and Kaon films Movie Premiere

Three, two, one, Action! You ready?
Red carpet rolls out, at the Koan Film movie premire of “ This is our secret “ and “ crazy love”
“What’s up new York” graves pilar and interviews on what she thought of the motion pictures

Crazy love/ this are secret….. Two fascinating movies with a theatrical spiral.  Both movies were linking love and absurdity of two diverse relationships .And how miscellaneous relationships / circumstances desire more from the others

“This is our secret “was my favorite. It was a biracial relationship withholding a vast from their relationship due to their skin pigmentation. The movie was unveiled a altered windup than anticipated but generally I relished myself at the debut. The thespians were very endowed such as ; zene cooley and yerbitt Gibson my two favored actors mutually .All miraculous in their field …I had an amazing time big thankyous to Ricardo of dream works animation & kaon films for welcoming me to cover such an startling movie premiere

See there amazing movie trailers at