Saturday, October 20, 2012

New york fashion week Fabs collection fashion show & Pilar Scratch

Foremost I'm immensely apologetic yet again with my blog updates I've been frantically occupied conquering manhattan. Nonetheless, I am here to continue conveying my fashion voyage. I have approximately TWENTY EVENTS to inform you fabulous dolls on...
Concuslively, an additional fashion show for nyfw I attended was the fabz collection on wall street.with my beautiful identical twin sister madisns jaye of bks1 radio and CEO of signed model agency/academy 
The nyfw eventwas  Sponsored by 1800 telquila and
Hosted by ones magazine new york fashion week. The appeal was more for a chic-hippie.
But, vastly fashionale. You dolls know how I fancy eccentricity in clothing. Its dapper. Be the opinion of myself , fashion is eccentric everything piece is recycled from a past trend ..modernization at its fines . Overall the fabz collection was delightfully enthralling. I actually purchased sevral runway samples that night.