Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Rihannas Private Listening Party (VIP life)

My apologies yet again , for the delay in blog postings my life has been a vastful venture of fashion, and industry moguls that i forget to update my life. however , my gorgeous PR has been consistently badgering me regarding my updates on my lonely blogspot. So ...i am here posting away about my fascinating existence .

Frankly, it isn't my fault ,

 every moment i acquire to write my blog posting im flying to a different state  for consulting or attending an event , shopping for my clients that my life marinates in chaos , lately ive been one vast occupied sign ...So now , that i have acquire a tad bit of freedom .... i will inform all you fierce and loyal Scratchanistas on my fabulous endeavors. .....

last post was an epic on i attended Rihannas Private listening party at the 40/40 in manhattan ...With my two loyal Dolls Ifueko and Madison Jaye. We conquered the night. envision guards escorting you in front of a vast line stating "VIP " "This is Pilar Scratch , we need you here" its an amazing overpowering sensation 

Not only were we in VIP ,them considering me a celebrity, was adorable and flattering , due to  the list of celebrities there was ...fab  from Tyson beckford , who Ifueko and madison became very close friends with , to Rihanna , JCole, Olivia , Jennifer Williams , Tony Rock , Maxwell, Drita from Mob Wivies , Renee ... the night was amazing . Cosmic love to my PR Karen Who made sure we were there and cofortabe much greatful and we al love you very much.  the night  ended amazing with my amazing dolls. We made amazing contacts that night 

cosmic xoxo to Rihanna and the 40/40 Club thankyou for having us... We love you .