Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Bravos Chef Roble & Company Premeire w/ Pilar scratch

a few months back i was a special celebrity guest invited at chef roble and companys premiere for bravo

i know the word "celebrity" and me ...still sounds awkward.... presuably i will never get accustomed to being a "celebrity"

nonetheless, chef roble ....the sweetest man living.... invited  and it was an honor...

i must say between chef robles event and rihannas private listening sesson these were my two favorite events i have attended hands down.... press coverage was by the gorgepus , madiosn jaye of the love madison show with vh1 mob wife love majeskwi , vocab magazine , and so much more

i ran into a vast of good friends of mines like yandy smith of love and hip hop ny , my second mothere mama jones, my big sister ariene davis of love and hip hop atl, shaun ross, my gorgeous love ty hunter (beyonces wardrobe stylist) jennifer williams of basket ball wivies, gossip game steph lova, love of mob wifes ... and the love was in the air.....

theres no superior feeling then to be flanked with good a list friends to celebrate another....
nonetheless i had an amazing time.... firecely strunting down the red carpet..... :)
thanks chef roble your amazing congradulations my love xoxox

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